The Little Miss releases ‘She’s What We Need’: Listen

This sweet three-minute song will give you a buoyant wave while simultaneously giving you chills.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist
The Little Miss
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

The Little Miss, a Los Angeles, California-based Folk singer, is anything but little on new track ‘She’s What We Need’. The track is from the singers latest project, ‘American Dream’. As the vibrant melodist daintily smiles on the EP’s cover art, her vintage aesthetic elucidates on how the new release “pokes fun at the characterization of American culture (i.e., apple pie, blue jeans, etc.)” The singer (whose real name is Hayley Johnson), lobs passionate vocals without the complement of an instrumental on this new choral track. Starting with a hearth-like hum, the songstress serenades us with elegiac lyrics and eloquent harmonies that go on to support a flawless a cappella.


With a refined and lusty voice, The Little Miss sparks a blissful nocturne with her soulster ardour.

The artist may be influential with her American Folk sound, but she is just as passionate in her personalized twist as her music gamuts the complexions of Jazz and Blue. On her Facebook, the singer details her musical inspiration and influences as the distinctive attributes of some legendary artist like Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Fiona Apple, Sam Cooke and more. Taking facets of simplicity, pain, wit, and theatrics, the artist conducts a blend of modern yet traditional folk style. As this track exudes everything of an uplifting anthem, The Little Miss’ name serves her no justice as her powerful contralto brings an exhilarating poignancy to her stirring lilt. ‘She’s What We Need’ has such a stirring delivery, and the excision of instrumentation adds a cherry on top as it allows the singer to embellish her vocal intonation and charismatic range.

This sweet three-minute song will give you a buoyant wave while simultaneously giving you chills. Give this rousing a cappella a listen, and you will find out why ‘She’s What We Need’ is something you need to hear. The Little Miss has been on tour this Summer. Give her music a listen and let us know what you think!

Written by Manny King John

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