Australian band The Lazy Eyes merge modern with vintage in ‘Cheesy Love Song’: Watch

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

When you think about Australian band The Lazy Eyes, three words typically come to mind: Young, psychedelic, and nostalgic. The four-man band includes Harvey Geraghty (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Itay Shachar (vocals, guitar), Blake Wise (bass guitar), and Noah Martin (drum kit), whom are all between the ages of eighteen and nineteen. The Lazy Eyes present themselves as part of the second generation of Australia’s expanding Psych-Rock scene, self-describing their musical appeal as “Psychedelic Candy Dream Poppy Fairyfloss Hillbilly Rockyroad Punkalicious Cowboy Music”.

Their new single ‘Cheesy Love Song’ sounds as if it was birthed by modernity then soaked in retro-ness. Slow piano chords, flourishes of soft strings, heavy drumming and wild guitar chords coupled with Harvey’s soft and airy vocals create a refreshingly original psychedelic sound. Their visuals are equally as brilliant as the song itself as it exudes a Beatles-esque, 60’s Pop/Rock-inspired vibe. With their form of talent and creativity, I foresee this band gaining international recognition in the near future.

Written by Manny King John

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