Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Listen to the latest by Brazil Shoegaze duo—That Gum U Like—Biography

That Gum U Like

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

For the first time, I heard Shoegaze-Dream Pop made by a Brazilian musical outfit. With a name inspired by a Twin Peaks quote, That Gum U Like is an ethereal band that rides the wave of Science Fiction and dark vibes. Airy vocals carry the tune to tell a story about thinking things through; starting over.

It would be a delight to see the band perform the record. I imagine each sound, separately. Then, I think about how dense the vocals may cast against the wind to echo in my ears. Isn’t it amazing how listening to music outdoors can form visual ideas in your mind? I think it is time for me to return to a warm climate. It makes me feel better, happier. Thus, making the way I hear specific sounds.

Hear ‘Biography’ below. It is an interesting musical composition produced and mixed by Popinigis. Describing their music as ‘gothic shoe-gazing’ that is ‘bass heavy’ and showcasing the ‘darker side of Brazil’, the husband and wife duo remind me of ADULT., but far more contrived (respectfully, for the sake of creation/innovation) in melody. The group found inspiration in retro sounds from the eighties. The track is out now on the Quadrado Mágico label.

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