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Tee Grizzley shows love to his leading lady in ‘More Than Friends’: Watch

Detroit’s famed rapper Tee Grizzley just released the official video for his new album cut, ‘More Than Friends’. Relationships of all kinds, especially the healthy ones, will never go out of style as far as music is concerned, so I think it will be one of the records that will open up his fan base a little more. Who can’t relate to wanting to be that special in someone’s life? Also, the nod to DMX’s incredible 1998 hit ‘How’s It Goin’ Down’—on the hook—made me excited as an avid fan of all [music] things DMX. It is my first time seeing the artist in this light, and I like it. Watch the video below for the song on ‘Scriptures’.

PS: According to the information I received, ‘Scriptures’ has been streamed over eighty-eight million times, adding to his two billion streams worldwide across his four projects to date.

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