Teddy Swims comes for the heavyweight title with visual for ‘My Bad’: Watch

Photo: Eric Hart Jr

I’m a sucker for storytelling, so when I viewed this exceptional video paired with an amazing song, I became an instant fan of Teddy Swims. A linear narrative is such an important strength when it comes to shooting memorable music videos. I was also pleasantly surprised by the vocals on Teddy. This man has soul! He begins his tale of love lost and heartache in the middle of a wrestling ring. Although he gets his ass kicked and gets carried out on a stretcher, that doesn’t stop the show. Teddy gets ready to make his comeback and secure the Championship belt.

Too many nights I went and got my self in more shit

Too many fights, thinking back I got your words distorted

Wanna do by you right, swear I’ll be better than before.

But I’m broken inside, I need a fix I can’t ignore it.

Teddy allows himself to be extremely vulnerable on this track and face his demons. Self-awareness is the key to growth and he’s unlocking all the doors. His open letter is shameless, and I appreciate it because who doesn’t have toxic tendencies? I hope to see more fire come out of Teddy Swims.


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