Teddy Swims comes for the heavyweight title with visual for ‘My Bad’: Watch

I’m a sucker for storytelling, so when I viewed this exceptional video paired with an amazing song, I became an instant fan of Teddy Swims. A linear narrative is such an important strength when it comes to shooting memorable music videos. I was also pleasantly surprised by the vocals on Teddy. This man has soul! He begins his tale of love lost and heartache in the middle of a wrestling ring. Although he gets his ass kicked and gets carried out on a stretcher, that doesn’t stop the show. Teddy gets ready to make his comeback and secure the Championship belt.

Too many nights I went and got my self in more shit

Too many fights, thinking back I got your words distorted

Wanna do by you right, swear I’ll be better than before.

But I’m broken inside, I need a fix I can’t ignore it.

Teddy allows himself to be extremely vulnerable on this track and face his demons. Self-awareness is the key to growth and he’s unlocking all the doors. His open letter is shameless, and I appreciate it because who doesn’t have toxic tendencies? I hope to see more fire come out of Teddy Swims.

Written by Jeffrey Deon Chambers

Jeffrey Deon Chambers is a 23-year-old photojournalist and visual artist from Queens, New York. Since a young one, he developed a knack for writing and a limitless love for music. His ears know no boundaries. From the enticing vocals of Andrea Bocelli, to the genius production from the fingertips of MF DOOM, Deon constantly finds himself inspired. Aside from music and visuals, Deon is a movie enthusiast and foodie.