TED Talks: Shimpei Takahashi

Play this game to come up with original ideas.

Takahashi tells the tale of countless creatives. His story starts with him working at at toy factory where he imagineers objects into fun. Every time he tries to pitch a new idea, his boss bogs him down with data. Takashi teaches us that, “Data has nothing to do with success.” It eventually left him creatively blocked and in a sea of redundancy.

Takashi implores us to keep pushing our ideas. He leaves us with a simple process to generate ideas. I learned a similar process in college, but it was never as straight-forward as he made it today. The subtitles made the message more approachable and digestible.

Key takeaways from his method of madness:

  • 1. Choose words at random.
  • 2. After gathering the words, form connections.
  • 3. Those potential connections will foster a new thought.

  • “Ridiculous ideas are okay. The key is to keep them flowing” – Shimpei Takashi

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    Written by Manny King John

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