TCVVX Shares New “Clocks” Video

Image: Courtesy of the artist
Image: Courtesy of the artist

Ever since doing our first song review on the upcoming crooner from way of Philly to New York City, R&B singer TC (short for TCVVX), has made even more progression. With the release of “Clocks,” which is the first single from his self-titled EP, finally, the melodic singer has also uploaded the music video to YouTube. The EP is set to be released before Fall. Just like the song, the video is a bit dark and mysterious, but still manages to have the sexual energy that brings all elements of the song and video together cohesively. To get right into the details of the video, it opens with the morning sky, then suddenly shifts to night as TC is walking around the city spilling his drink and lighting a cigarette. As a more somber TC walks through the city night, he narrates the story of a stripper through the use of his despondent lyrics.

The title of the song is appropriately titled “Clocks” that sticks to the theme of time. While the mystery woman and TC were walking under the same tunnel, he then closely looks at his chained pocket watch before the video transitions into another scene with the woman hailing a taxi.

Personally, I found the video interesting because it draws you in to each scene and has you wanting more.

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Written by Manny King John

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