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Jamaican artist Tashina Muzik tackles political and social issues in ‘Injustice’: Watch

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

In her latest music video for ‘Injustice’, Jamaican artist Tashina Muzik brings light to what’s going on at home due to political and social issues. It isn’t popular for artists to be as transparent as she is, but we commend her on putting in the work through her music. What are the issues? Tragedies and immense loss of fellow human beings due to gun violence and the horror stories resulting from rape.

The artist spoke on why she chose to cover these devastating topics in her music:

My music is a tool and I see where I can do my part in the fight against crime while still offering entertainment to my fans by releasing music such as this. The song is already making waves and I am thankful that the message is getting out there. My only wish is that the youths realize before it is too late and our leaders actually start leading us in the right direction.

Watch the video with the deep message below, produced by JB Production.

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