Virgilia Griffith translates Tasha Angela’s melodic single ‘Undescribable Feeling’ with choreography: Watch


Beautifully, Tasha Angela’s fellow Canadian Virgilia Griffith dances as she sings the words to ‘Undescribable Feeling’. The choreography is powerful, delicate, and matches the melody wonderfully made by the Toronto-native composer. For some, it’s hard to look in the mirror and like what you see. Watch the short-and-sweet dark-lit visual below. In February, Tasha Angela will celebrate the launch of her debut EP with a residency at Cameron House, a legendary music venue in Toronto.

‘Undescribable Feeling’ is about pulling yourself out of a dark place. I came home after a bad day, sat at my piano, and words began flowing out of me. I hope this song can help others who are feeling down in life the same way it helped me.