Energy Source: A list of ebullient songs featuring Rusty Joints and The Advertisers


It’s hump day, but that does not mean you have to succumb to mid-week blues. Check out the high-energy records, made to induce adrenaline-pumping, good times, and spread pheromones in hopes of creating more humans to drop it down and hit the floor when they’re old enough to do so. Hear a new list of new music that will change or enhance the mood you’re currently feeling. It’s called: Energy Source, meant to refuel.

The Advertisers – Red Meat (Live) (Submission)

Do you hear how incredible The Advertisers are when playing live? ‘Red Meat’ is their first single from their forthcoming video EP entitled, ‘Live at Carmelos’. It is my first time coming across the band, but it looks like they aren’t the only musicians who encourage their audience members to drive the boat. Watch the video, which was shot during the last night of their residency, below.

Lyonbrotherz x Greenskiez – Hit the Floor (Submission)

Lyonbrotherz and Greenskiez have teamed up again for their second collaboration called, ‘Hit the Floor’. It came out ten days ago, but it is bound to do well in the Dance/EDM circles.

Trst – My Neck My Back (Help I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up Flip) (Remix) (Submission)

Next, is a remix of OG Southern rapper Khia’s 2002 classic record ‘My Neck My Back’. Trst, hilariously appears on his cover art, as his face is on the rapper’s body. If you liked the original record and you like Dubstep, there’s a good chance you will enjoy this, too.

Rusty Joints – Canary Fields Joint (Submission)

And with every good workout, you should bring it down with something a little lighter in tempo/beats-per-minute. And that’s where Queens, New York-based producer Rusty Joints comes in. ‘Canary Fields Joint’ knocks the edge off.