T Reel and LATASHÁ team up for electrifying track ‘Watch Me Work’: Listen

The song was featured on a recent episode of Fox’s new TV series ‘LA’s Finest’.


With a single named ‘Watch Me Work’, there’s no way that any listener won’t be expecting a monster of a track. ‘Watching Me Work’ is literally what people say right before they show out and deliver. T Reel does just that, with help from artist extraordinaire LATASHÁ. The beat creeps up on you in the beginning, and gives you almost no time before you’re thrusted into an experience. That’s what this track is. An experience. T Reel and LATASHÁ go toe-to-toe in back to back verses that give you no time to recover. This one is for the dancers; there’s no doubt that as this track blows up, we’ll see some sick choreography for it.