Watch T-Pain’s video for ‘Stoicville’

The visuals for Stoicville puts us smack dab in the middle of a robbery. The camera pans to a close–up shot of T-Pain, face down on the floor. With a minimal instrumental in the background, T-Pain coats his flow with pensiveness and dejection. These inflections create an emotional pull, bringing you back to the moments in his ‘Behind the Music’.


“And my daddy proud of me/
But he got too much pride to say it out loud for me”

The beat drops shifting the story to moments in his career. It is here Stoicville goes from underdog anthem to the triumph of two-stepping on one’s grave.

“My last album ain’t do numbers like I wanted to but that was God tryna ask me what I’m gonna do

He said “I hate to put obstacles right in front of you 

But you gotta learn to get out of what you’re goin’ through

Hurdles got jumped, mountains got climbed”

We were physically there for the illustrious, ‘Buy U A Drank’ to the ‘Death of Auto-tune’ backlash. It’s like that moment in ‘Mighty Ducks’, where the ducks touch the ice. T-Pain told The Fader that he is “A 127 songs deep” for this one project. Patiently waiting for that Spring heat, T-Pain, GRUNGECAKE can’t wait to see you win.

Written by Manny King John

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