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SYMON: ‘I’m the one to say what I think and feel’

It is too early in SYMON’s career to attach permanent categorizations.

SYMON says…



s I watched the rose burn for the first time in “I Never Do,” I thought two things: Either this woman is fed up with love, or she is dark and sadistic. It is too early in SYMON’s career to attach permanent categorizations to her name. Nonetheless, experimental is one to consider.

What did draw me to the emerging Pop star is her ability to create freely. Though she has a potty mouth like me, I think she has a shot at being around for awhile.

Two months ago, SYMON shared the official video for “I Never Do.” Since she’s been enjoying her success. We were unable to retrieve the name of the EP from the rebellious singer-songwriter. However, we do know it will be out soon.

Photos: Grizz Lee

Your sound evolves with each story you decide to tell. What is it like to be so free in your creative process?

It’s scary to be so candid, but I’ve always been that way. Usually, I’m the one to say what I think and feel. The artists I’ve always looked up to have been fearless women who spoke their truth. I have to do the same. The songs that come from the truest places are the ones that connect the most. I want my fans and future fans to respect me for that.


How does your day job at SiriusXM’s “Hits 1 in Hollywood” with Michael Yo (“The Insider”) differ from your music career?

The two are very different, yet in the same vein. It’s cool to see all aspects of the industry. Seeing it from an artist’s perspective and a label and radio side is very interesting. It gives me so much knowledge in the overall music business. It’s such a blast to be able to have another creative outlet like ‘Hits 1’ in Hollywood. I’m super blessed to be a part of such a great show with Michael Yo and Tony Fly.

I work 24/7, so when I’m not in that studio, I am in a studio recording/writing music, on calls, rehearsals, and doing other business ventures. It’s funny. As an artist, specific interview questions are welcomed. So when other musicians come in, I feel I can connect with them on a deeper level when I ask specific questions.


How did your deal with Artbeatz (a SONY indie label) come to be?

Steve Zap, the head of the label, saw me perform when I was 16 and kept watching me in my career. One day, I received a Facebook message from him telling me he’s breaking this artist named Daya and wants to do the same for me. The rest is history. It’s been the most incredible last year; having my first single being top 50 in Pop radio. I can’t wait for more to come out!

What’s the title of your forthcoming EP? How many tracks are on it? What can we expect from that body of work?

[I] can’t tell you the title just yet! Super excited to put out this body of work for people to hear!

Which station will your song premiere?

Perhaps, “Hits 1.”


Are there any artists you’re feeling inspired by these days?

Everything I write about comes from life experiences. I was dealing with a situation where I was dating this guy who was perfect on paper, but something was missing. He just didn’t make my heart beat fast, or give me the butterflies like this other guy was who was not perfect on paper! (Laughs) And of course, that’s the guy I wanted.

We all want the guy who truly makes us feel almost invincible. I met up with some incredible writers. I told them the story. Then, we wrote: “I Never Do.” That’s how it was born. Check out my first music video I just shot for it on VEVO!

My biggest inspirations are Madonna and Gaga. They are just the ultimate queens. Logic and Dua Lipa are new incredibly aspiring artists. Dua’s album is on repeat!



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