Suzi Analogue Speaks on “Jump Rope” Video Treatment

Never Normal

When Suzi Analogue isn’t deejaying, doing nails via her Nail Tite venture or being the sweet woman that she is, she’s working on something new. In the heat of Thanksgiving, the Philly representer, reached out to share the news about her analogue-format A/V record label called Never Normal Records, which was formally announced on the legendary East Village Radio.

Suzi Analogue's "Jump Rope"

Now for a little bit about the “Jump Rope” video treatment:

It has been a crazy creative process creating a label in the male-dominated field, but I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback that has kept me going. I have a lot of interactive concepts for Never Normal in 2014, Suzi shared.

Jump Rope’s video treatment was heavily inspired by Bad Boy-era rap videos, mostly directed by Hype Williams, and counts Hype as one of her favourite American directors.

I love how he uses frames and saturation, and emphasizes movement. The director of Jump Rope is also an amazing emerging talent, FRESHPres.

It took us a day to shoot Jump Rope. And it was a full day. It was really like a fun party. We shot at Factory Studios, Brooklyn and they let us transform the studio into our own world, it was awesome. And everyone got to know each other on set, so naturally. Every person in the video has a diverse cultural background, so it just felt amazing to have everyone together in one place. We were all enjoying ourselves and creating art together.

The choreography was created entirely by Ivi Whitehead aka The Hashtag Hero. We have been working closely for the last half a year now, and we will be creating more movement together in the future. She dances with me and is 1/2 of my BOUT IT BOUT IT GIRLS along with choreographer Tanya Antonio. She loved the song and came up with the signature Jump Rope two-step.

We are wearing a lot of emerging new brands in the video. Even my own 4U4EVR line is there. Also, some freshly designed ANALOGUE IS FOREVER hoodies can be seen in the video. People are already asking for them haha. Everyone brought their own style, so when you watch the video, you will see emerging street styles all throughout. These homies in the cameos are some of the most authentically stylish homies i know. Nasty Gal also provided many of the women’s pieces. I love their edgy looks. Melanie Gershman styled the video.

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Written by Manny King John


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