Watch Suzi Analogue’s video for “NRG NRG”

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Safeguarding your energy is imperative to surviving in a bloodthirsty industry.


Earlier today, famous producer and songwriter Suzi Analogue partnered with The FADER to share her new video for “NRG NRG”. If you’re wondering, it is pronounced ‘energy’ (twice). The electronic dance track is a catchy tune that repeats the title. Clips compiled are from Suzi Analogue’s time in New York City. It includes aerial views of the Big Apple, the Chicago-famous footwork dance, and 8-bit graphic additions by WAXO, the video director.

“NRG NRG” appeared on Broad City Season 4 Episode 8 aired in November 2017 on Comedy Central.

Watch the video below. Wanting Suzi Analogue to appear in the form of energy to wake you up out of your funk is sold separately. Create a budget. Then, send an email. She’s got you covered.

Recently, Suzi Analogue rereleased the first project from her ZONEZ series. You can stream it now.



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