Photos: Survival Condo

Wealthy people are purchasing ‘Survival Condos’ in the wake of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the world shutting down rapidly as COVID-19–also known as the coronavirus–spreads, the population at large is looking for ways to increase their likelihood of survival. The wealthy 1% has figured out the way that they are going to fight back against the disease; Survival Condos!

An abandoned 15-story deep Cold War-era missile silo has been purchased by developer Larry Hall and repurposed as a luxury condo complex. The bunkers are apocalypse-proof and designed to carry enough food and supplies to last up to five years. The units’ prices range from $1.5 million for 900-square feet to $4.5 million for 3,600 square feet. Costs can be even more based on customization made by the purchaser.

Written by Jasmine Joseph

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