First Track Reviews: Surf Spodie’s “Sorry 4 the Wave” mixtape

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Surf Spodie, a Californian upstart, shares new mixtape titled, “Sorry 4 the Wave.”


Surf Spodie
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is turn on music and roll up with funky breath and all. I know what you’re thinking “Ugh, that’s gross!” but bruh, you didn’t put in on this, my dude. Let me be yuck-mouth and smoke my morning blunt! I’m high though, so I’m good. I got music blasting in my speakers by an artist who reminds me of one of the members of the West Coast 90s group Luniz. His name is Surf Spodie.

On his latest release “Used To This,” Surf Spodie, takes a very mellow beat and spits 28 bars straight no hook. Attempting to flex his lyrical skills, Spodie spits bars like:

“Showtime primetime think I’m Deon / Glow shine so bright, think I’m neon” with an aggressive tone as if he’s challenging any rapper who wants it. “There’s many men / Wish death like they’re 50 Cent / But I son them all / That’s child support for 50 kids.”

I like that young artist have fun when they make music. It’s not always about being lyrical or having the best thought out bars/verses. They are living their young lives. The I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-anything attitude is what draws me to them and makes me listen.

“Used To This” is a decent track. It’s not a song that I can honestly say will be in my rotation, but I did run it back a few times. You can check out the track, and the rest of his mixtape, “Sorry 4 The Wave,” below.

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Surf Spodie is set to release an EP this Summer. It will consist of original production by DJ Wes and Nick Banga; whose credits include Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul, Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign, YG, and more.


Written by Manny King John

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