5@5: A morning playlist featuring Sure Sure and Des Rocs

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Foreign Suns, Stefan, Des Rocs, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Sure Sure
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Foreign Suns – Manipulator (Submission)

Is it me or does it feel like we’re somewhere in the middle of a desert in Arizona? It’s hot, dry, and I’m starting to feel dehydrated. I’m not sure how much longer I can go on, but I can feel the beat of ‘Manipulator’. It’s leading me to where I need to be to survive. Another approach is I’m hallucinating; the drum is hypnotic. There’s no way out of this heat except through the music.

Aside from the outlandish edits and the comedic dancing in the video, Foreign Suns is a talented American band influenced by LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys and more, and from the looks of it, they aren’t afraid to have fun, experiment with their sound and visuals.

stefan – night/owl (Submission)

If you’re nocturnal like me, you’ve probably just woke up from the best sleep you’ve had all month. This song isn’t about sleeping, though. It’s about the lusty moments we share with the people we like and love. Get it in early to Los Angeles artist stefan’s newest track, so you can get your day started.

Des Rocs – Outta My Mind (Submission)

There’s nothing like loud ass music to wake you up out of your sleep! When it’s time to go, people eat something small to energise themselves until they get to their destination. New York’s artist and his alter-ego have served up the equivalent to horn-blowing displeasures.

Sure Sure – Warm Animal (Submission)

With Valentine’s Day around the bend and a song about knowing when that right person is in your life, Sure Sure shares ‘Warm Animal’. Compressing of their personal life experiences including love, anger and joy, the band consisting of Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick and Michael Coleman, makes what they refer to as ‘off-kilter pop songs’.

I like the way someone beautiful says my name, too, especially, if my heart can’t do without them. It may feel right, but is it? I guess time is the only factor to let us know what’s what.

I figure it’s the kind of song I’d like to listen to at the start of my day.

8-Bit Heroes – Get Up, Get Out, Go! (Submission)

It’s different to hear a man sing the words of ‘Get Up, Get Out, Go!’ It reminds me of a conversation I heard in Atlanta when I stayed off of Ponce de Leon. Ladies, whether you want to believe it or not. It’s not a myth. Men have feelings, too. Listen to the new track by 8-Bit Heroes below.

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