Dancehall artist Sulfa experiences streaming success with new high riddim ‘Gangsta Living’: Listen

Photo: Apple Music

Gangsta Living’ is a trend on Audiomack for DJ Slow Motion and upcoming foreign-based Dancehall act Sulfa.

The single has amassed over ten-thousand views and a significant number of positive feedback in a matter of weeks.

The hardcore Dancehall track features a coarse, hard-hitting and melodic blend of lyrics on the complimentary rhythm provided by Bepo and DJ Slow Motion.

The ‘High Riddim’ is immediately available for streaming on all major outlets and have been receiving a significant amount of support since the February release. Sulfa sings about the extremities of living a ‘gangster’ life; from the stylish clothing, gritty associates, weapons and not the mention the abundance of women. While G Starr and CV sing about the various perks of using marijuana and the notorious ‘intoxicated’ feeling.

This is just the beginning, my team and I have a lot of ground to cover and goals to achieve. It’s only up from this point, DJ Slow Motion told BLZ writers.

Stream the ‘High Riddim’ below.

Written by Manny King John

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