Stream: “Opera” featuring Kissie Lee by Ohio’s Paper Paulk

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Paper Paulk is a 26-year-old rapper from Ohio that openly expresses himself through the vivid pictures he paints with his music. All of his tracks sound like he’s pouring his heart into them and his latest release “Opera” is no different. In this new single, he describes what an average day in Cleveland is like for him. Using sharp lyrics and witty metaphors, Paper Paulk warns us about some of the various evils that he regularly encounters on the streets.

Power” is the title of his debut EP that releases February 19 and we all have very high expectations for this project. It is only six songs on this EP but one of them have Pusha-T as a feature which is a great stamp of approval!

“Opera” gives us a little taste of the upcoming project while also making us hungry for more.


Written by Manny King John


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