Stream: Laura Wolfie’s “Reflections”

Laura Wolfie

Laura Wolfie, a refreshingly young personality, dawns on the musical world with an effectively poised flare that radiates from her debut single ‘Reflections’. Laura Wolfie sooths our aural senses, as she juggles stylistic factors from an array of genres, reflected in her differentiated influences, ranging from The Sex Pistols to The Weeknd.

Entering the deep abyss of Laura Wolfie’s debut single “Reflections”, one is greeted with an unusual collision of two opposing worlds, as sleek, tender tones meet an overpoweringly bassy and trippy verse. “Reflections” displaces the listener to distant, darker places of their psyche. By embedding upbeat instrumentals and a sharper verse into what is initially a flowing melody, “Reflections” highlight’s love’s unpredictable turns and its dramatic effect on one’s character.

The 21-year-old British singer-songwriter contemplates the hardships of youthful romance in “Reflections”, as conflicting solutions to a muddled soul correlate with the abrupt shift in sound. We are sent swirling into limbo as the piano interlude mid-song deceptively introduces Laura Wolfie’s trippy verse.

A social awareness beyond her 21 years shines through Wolfie’s cleverly crafted, heart felt lyrics as the listener is lead through stories of angst in an open and accessible way. Stream “Reflections” here, just click this link.

Written by Manny King John


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