Stream Kelow’s “I Got That”

Maryland-native Kelow is back with another Summer smash. Well-received by loyal supporters “I Got That” continues as a sequel to earlier track “Finna”. Expressing all forms of the arts, she makes sure the music is authentic as possible. Produced by Trip Dixon, Kelow blesses the track with her signature rhythmic flow. From “Colored Pencils” / “Stixxx-N-Stones”, the work always shows evolution. All about presenting positive energy, Kelow preps for her next project “Amethyst Stoner” out to release soon. From layered tempos to androgynous melodies, “I Got That” captures a moment of truth.

Repping not only her hometown Maryland, but DC and Virginia as a whole (Yes, there’s a difference), Kelow makes it known to support unification. She has redefined stereotypes, and pushes for uniqueness through her style, and MC skills.

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Written by Manny King John


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