Stream: Jacob Norman’s EP

Jacob Norman
Photo: Charles Ray Owen

Jacob Norman is an old soul trapped in a world of instant gratification and meaningless interaction, one of the modern day. The EP presents itself as an alternate reality or an escape for those who find themselves in the same predicament, or perhaps just a window into that aged soul of his. While being up to par sonically with those of his time, the value of this record lies in the emotionally driven content of the songs and the thought that went behind every key and lyric. This EP is not a record of today wishing to be from yesteryear, rather the EP is a matter of being ahead of the times by looking back. Stream his EP via this link.

[highlight background=”#00e7b4″ color=”#ffffff”]Editor’s Note: It’s very different in sound from the other content I receive, and that’s what I like about it most. It kind of reminds me of Marco Rocco’s 1989 film Dream a Little Dream for some reason, which features Rock and Classic music on the soundtrack.[/highlight]


Written by Manny King John

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