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Stephanie Gottlieb: ‘My favourite clients are those that put their trust in me’

New York City-based private jeweller and hand stylist, Stephanie Gottlieb, chats with FASHIONSPITTA about her favourite clients, starting out in the industry, and her favourite piece of clothing. Check out the quick Q&A to learn more about Gottlieb’s style and what inspired her to start making jewellery.

Photos: Courtesy of ArtSugar

What inspired you to start making jewellery? and How long have you been designing?

Stephanie Gottlieb: I was working for a diamond wholesale company, managing their finished jewellery collection five years ago. The design aesthetic for our target audience was very different from my personal aesthetic and I was constantly itching to design something that I would personally want to own and wear, but challenged by the job, to design jewellery that would sell to our target customer. I left the company to start my own so that I could have the freedom to design pieces for myself, my friends, and a new audience.

Who are your favourite clients? And who would like to see wearing your jewellery?

Stephanie Gottlieb: My favourite clients are those that put their trust in me to design jewellery they will love, and who give me the creative freedom to implement the designs without restrictions. I have a lot of repeat clients who start working with me for engagement rings, come back for a wedding band, and then we work together on push gifts, birthday presents, etc. It’s really fun to play such a big role in someone’s life through jewellery.

I would love to see Rachel Zoe wear my designs. She has such beautiful taste in jewellery and influences the wardrobe/style for so many amazing celebrity clients.

What three things does anyone starting out in your field need to know?

I think these can really apply to any business in some capacity.

1. You can’t be everything to everyone. You can try, but its best to find your niche and focus on that.

2. It takes time to establish a reputation within the industry, and for vendors/partners to want to work with you. You have to prove your worth.

3. Customer service is key—especially when you’re selling engagement rings, you have to acknowledge your role in such an important moment for the buyer and understand that when something goes wrong, it will feel like the end of the world for your client. It’s really difficult to disappoint a customer, but even worse when its related to an engagement.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing do you own or wish to own?

Stephanie Gottlieb: That’s so hard, but I have this beautiful Black blazer with Pearl detail on the sleeve from Mugler that I love!

What two artists have you seen live or would like to see live?

Stephanie Gottlieb: I love Ashley Longshore—she has a quirky edge that really resonates with me! And I recently collaborated with Anya Panchenko through ArtSugar! I would love to do more with her. I think her pieces are really eye-catching.

Written by Manny King John

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