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Stashbox TV: Chocolate Sundays

This episode of Stashbox features two music videos by Gee Watts' "Quiet Place" and K'Nen x Neph's "John Blaze" featuring Chun Ramsey.

Stashbox TV is a new online video series that features emerging talent and the local underground movement in New York City. As you can tell, it is right up our alley.

This episode of Stashbox features two music videos by Gee Watts’ “Quiet Place” and K’Nen x Neph’s “John Blaze” featuring Chun Ramsey. In usual Stashbox fashion, the host talks ODB and Eazy E’s holograms, defense mechanisms on the train and the many uses of a drone with party attendees. *Cameos from hometown heroes Ben Robey (Ninjasonik) and MeLo-X are amazing. Robey’s Muppet headgear is out of this world! Check out the latest episode below:

A Message From Stashbox

Stashbox is the #1 video show on the internet. We started out as the I hate blog payola fan club . With each episode, we’ve grown into an alternative platform for great artists with visuals who can’t catch a break.

Our love of videos have introduced us to new genres, some more categorizable than others. Each event inspires which video and what questions we choose to feature. Stashbox is all about nurturing and building community between the listeners and creators.

Music is not just art but lifestyle and the vents we cover reflect that. Initially, we were rigid about covering music oriented events like Mad Decent and Afropunk. We had so much fun chopping it up with our Stashbox fam that we started to take their event submissions into account. We’re drawn to a laid back, ratchet, divvy refreshing kind of vibe and yes all of those things do coexist at the right event.

Hands-down the best part of each episode is when we kick it with our audience, who we affectionately refer to as Stashbox fam. Our fam consists of: radio haters, music snobs, artists, bloggers, blog haters, audiophiles, open-bar scouts, and free event attendees. Not only do we want to know what trends they’re feeling but what they’re thinking. We are them and they are us which is why we review every single submission.

As we grow with our audience, we would like to cover industry events like Trillectro to the genius that  will revive Freaknik 2.0. We want to be where our audience is. Each episode is dedicated to sharing and recreating that excitement that we all have felt of discovering your new favorite artist.

For more Stashbox, visit their video channel. If you’d like to submit your video(s) for Stashbox, please use our contact form and mention “Stashbox TV” in your message. *We are the official and direct contact for submission consideration. Good luck!

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the Director of Content for Duke Concept; Bartee is an Entertainment Creator for Google Web Stories. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.