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Stamos releases visuals for a new track called ‘Mission Impossible’ from debut album ‘King of Spades’

Stamos, a singer-songwriter from New York, plays a getaway driver in the visuals for ‘Mission Impossible’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

‘Mission Impossible’, is a track for the guys that want to solidify that ‘bae’ title; definitely a Mr StealYoGirl vibe, softened with an Electronic piano and a pop-ish bass. Stamos, an Alternative Pop singer-songwriter from New York, shows off his ability to shine in an R&B tune without doing the most. The singer describes ‘Mission Impossible’ as, “A modern-day spin on Tom Cruise action flicks turned love story”.

The music video is inspired by the film, ‘Baby Driver,’ and features Stamos as a lovestruck getaway driver for a string of robberies. Watch the video below.


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