Play this St Panther record ‘These Days’ more than once

With a strong follow-up after her ‘Insecure’ debut, soulful singer St Panther is back with the beautiful ‘These Days’. Inspired by the death of a close friend, and now in quarantine, the words of the song are ones to hang onto if you need strength. It isn’t easy to lose a loved one. I don’t think we’re ever ready, and with the coronavirus causing unexpected deaths all around the world, it’s even more difficult to fathom, adjust, and process. In the end, it is our strength, tenacity, and hopefully, our healthy immune systems that will bring us out of the darkest times. If you consider yourself a fan of D’Angelo, Erykah Badu or The Internet, you’re bound to love St Panther, the incredible Southern California multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Listen to it below.

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