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Hear New York City-based artist ST.ARY’s EP ‘She’s No ST.ARY’

New York City-based triple threat (singer/songwriter/producer) ST.ARY is making a significant impression in the music industry with her latest EP ‘She’s No ST.ARY’.

The title track has gentle remnants of a modernized 60s-style melody, as she beautifully reminds the addressee that whoever the new girl is, she could never be her. This confident single, where she name-drops herself, has a calming effect that establishes that confidence. No need to loudly or aggressively assert her position. She knows who she is and uses this track as a reminder that whoever has lost her has lost something that they will never be able to replicate.

The second track is entitled ‘The Ick’, and it is a catchy, uptempo Pop-Indie beat. The song continues with the trend of confidence and knowing herself. She sings about a guy trying his hardest to romancing her and failing because his lines aren’t working on her. The single is. catchy and adorable, with a sweet “la la la la la la” refrain that always sticks with an audience.

ST.ARY’s soothing voice and smooth production makes for an overall pleasing experience. If this project, ‘She’s No ST.ARY’ is indicative of what’s to come from her, then we are excited.

Written by Manny King John

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