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Listen to the blood-pumping new record ‘Rise/Fall’ by the SP’s

“If you ain’t rich, you ain’t shit.”

Do you know how critics of the arts often say that creation [within specific genre made by anyone of a minority race] has the power to motivate and influence someone else to either harm or hurt others? If there’s truth to that normative belief, I’d say that ‘Rise/Fall’ is a swift kick to the bum for anyone afraid to make a change. If you hear the lyrics as I do, you’d ask yourselves: How long am I looking to be treated and viewed as the gravel under someone’s boot? Do I want to beg for food to eat? Hopefully, your answers to those questions matched mine. You’re no longer going to allow anyone to separate and divide you from other people as a way to control and undermine humans.

Short and sweet, and to the point, SP’s new song conveys their thoughts about how they see the world, the rise and fall of imperial systems, which states that all leaders are going to Hell and the treatment of other human beings. The fast-paced single inspired by 80s and 90s psych pop is from the group’s forthcoming extended play. Check out the audio below.

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