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New Music Saturdays: 10 new songs you should hear featuring Spielbergs and Cook Thugless

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

2 Lucid – Anxiety (Submission)

Last month, Incandescent Records dropped a record titled, ‘Anxiety’ by a duo called, 2 Lucid. It isn’t clear where the men are from, but as soon as the track comes on you’ll learn that they’d rather be lied to, to be set free from the pressures of worries, apprehension, and fear. Life isn’t always the easiest, but I’d rather the person, who seems to have agency over my feelings, to tell me the truth. I’m sure they aren’t alone, unfortunately. If you deal with anxiety and you believe you’d want someone to lie to take you out of your misery, here’s a song for you. I’m not judging. I’m acknowledging differences.

Sean Fiji – I Ain’t New (Submission)

In case you are new to this website, I’d like to let you know that distinct voices are one of my favourite things about life! (That, good food, good people, and warm spaces.) Without a doubt, Sean Fiji has an interesting one. Listen to the Fiji-Canadian singer’s new track, ‘I Ain’t New’ now. It’s a free-flowing catchy song about being seasoned, leveling up, and more. Play it for the people in your life who treat you like you are a rookie!

Shan Vincent de Paul – Heaven (Submission)

Different than previous releases, Shan Vincent de Paul teams up with Tamil singer Navz-47 (what a beautiful voice!) to celebrate the new year and Tamil Heritage Month. I won’t say that I understand everything on the record because of the language barrier, but it feels good nonetheless.

“The goal was to create a love story with the backdrop of two different cultures. The song is meant to be fun, but the root of it is melancholic. Two lovers yearning to meet somewhere in the middle of two opposing cultures. The song also echoes the struggle of a lot of Tamil immigrants juggling two cultures in search of their identity.”

It’s the first track from his forthcoming third studio album ‘Made in Jaffna’.

The Rev – El Diablo (Submission)

In what appears to be their first official track to hit the internet, The Rev, a musical group from Scottsdale, Arizona, is ready to show the world what they’ve got with their new song titled ‘El Diablo’. Described as an “outlaw tune with a swamp stomp rhythm”, the Country track reeks hot weather, sweat, and heat from the barbecue pit. Keep your eyes wide open for more from the outstanding group’s forthcoming releases. Until then, stream the song below.

Spielbergs – Five On It (Submission)

If you’re not a Rock music enthusiast, but you’re looking for a way to transition into the explosive and electrifying modern versions of the genre, here’s a good time to get started. Spielbergs, an Oslo trio, recently released a single called ‘Five On It’, which features exhilarating muffled vocals by lead singer who carries on about having his part for the whole. Last year, the band received widespread acclaim from plenty of notable publications like CLASH, BBC, Dazed and more. Also, they played their first European festival and soared the Hyped Machine twice with singles ‘We Are All Going to Die’ and ‘4AM’. As you can probably imagine, this band is going to skyrocket in 2019. Check out their lovely new track, now ahead of time, before it’s too late!

Cook Thugless – FIGARO (Submission)

It’s a new year, but I’ll be honest. It doesn’t feel “new”. However, when moments like the ones Cook Thugless create occur, it feels like a wave of something new is on the rise. Handsomely pairing one of the oldest styles of music [Classical] and a new one [Trap], I’d like to see and hear what’s next from this camp. It’s fun, easy to dance to, but it is also sociopolitically aware and responsible. Listen to ‘FIGARO’ by the New Jersey-based creative now.

DefByMisadventure – VERSACE RED (Submission)

I don’t think DefByMisadventure’s ‘VERSACE RED’ is an instrumental song that anyone should add any vocals to, but if you listen to music the way that I do, you’d imagine “open verses” and the temperature of the production. I must say, it is red hot! Versace hot!

RedRum – Pitchfork (Submission)

Is it me or did you think the artists were from the Northeast? (They may be.) If you’re feeling evil or want to wrestle with the devil until he stabs you with his pitchfork, the gritty and raw track by a newly-formed Orlando-based duo RedRum (consisting of Red Eye and Racks) is right up your alley! With more and more emcees coming back on the scene from various ‘hoods, its safe to say Hip-Hop music, as we knew it, is reemerging! ‘Pitchfork’ is the from the group’s forthcoming EP ‘Murder in Reverse’, which is their name.

Ruby Bones – Not Enough (Submission)

Strictly due to its fast-paced nature, I chose to share ‘Not Enough’ with my audience because I believe it is synonymous with the recording, ironically. I enjoyed Ruby Bones’ song, but I think the final could have received one more clean up before it came out to the world. I like rawness and imperfections, but there’s even a way for that rawness and imperfection to come through as perfection! I’m a fan, so I look forward to hearing more music by the musical group in the future.

Pierre D and BRUCE WAINE – The Warm Up (Remix) (Submission)

“Let me see you work” is the sexiest thing anyone can say to me in this lifetime. Therefore, ‘The Warm Up (Remix)’ by Pierre D and BRUCE WAINE is one that I’d like to share. Listen to the infectious dance number below.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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