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Sound Searching: VerBS

Image: Suspend Mag
Image: Suspend Mag

Now, he’s letting shit fly out of his mouth

Sounding a little more organized in his thoughts, VerBS, this staple in thetaud emerging rap scene of Los Angeles best known for his work with Project Blowed, which he mentions in the song, displays his growth on “Geyzer” produced by Duke Westlake also featuring Jose Zeta Jones Rios. It delivers a very “chill” and therapeutic Hip-Hop sound. Boom bap, all day.

VerBS speaks of falling victim to imperfections, being older, wiser, and more confident. It sounds a lot like Frank Ocean is on this track. Rios, if that’s you, honey, you’ve got it.

Listen to the track and if you’re feeling the track, download it directly from the independent label’s website that made this one possible. For more VerBS, visit his website. He has so much music, we can’t promise you won’t get lost.

For more VerBS, just click here.

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