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Sound Searching: SonReal


SonReal has blended and expanded the dual genres of Hip-Hop and Alternative music. From his, Where’s Waldo?, Words I Said, and Good News mixtapes, the Juno and MMVA nominated Vancouver-based Canadian artist, made me a believer with the release of his latest mixtape, “Good News”. In my opinion, this particular body of music was the one to set the bar high, by giving him the extra platform in securing a deal with independent record label, Black Box Recordings. His collaborative album with producer Rich Kidd sprouted a larger fan-base for both parties. His music or music videos may not be your typical type of Alternative Hip-Hop but it’s authentic and effortless; it just naturally flows.

In “Preach”, SonReal basically preaches about his life, what he sees, and where he was. In some way, he reminds me of Drake but with his own personal style based off the line, “My homies that I came with be the only ones around (Preach)”, that’s a line that Drake would use but in his own way. This video gives you a sense of who SonReal is, and he’s not concerned about what you may think.

Bottom line: It comes down to what he is preaching and suddenly, how people want to fuck with him nowadays. Regardless, he is living life to the fullest. The scenes and cities shown throughout the video suffice as flashbacks of different transitions, that in some way, took place in his life. All SonReal wants to do is preach, and have you think that you have him figured out but nah, you really do not. Now, this is an artist that will keep you on your toes because you’re unsure what he’ll do next. Just like SonReal dreamt about this shit — where he is now — I say it’s time we all go and dream about ours now.

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Written by Manny King John

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