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Sound Searching: Natalia Kills

When it comes to music nowadays, artists are growing bolder by the minute. There are so many rebels behind the microphone expressing their rage and hatred towards society. Music, as noted, is one great way to express yourself and from the sounds of it, Natalia Kills does a great job. From her latest album Trouble, Natalia details her troubled past and shortcomings. Natalia definitely used her bad experiences to motivate the artistic direction of her album. Artists today, are common with using their prefame lives as motivation but they’re probably not as vivid as Natalia Kills.

While listening to Natalia, one could feel the energy that she possesses while singing. For any artist, it’s great to have energy but some may not know how to control or use it properly. Making music is just piece a cake for Natalia because she knows how to implement imagery throughout her lyrics and her energy is well-distributed on every single piece of her work. Great energy and an awesome level creativity will keep this English cutie around.

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