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Sound Searching: Mick Jenkins

With music being an awesome art form that it is, it always creates opportunities for the youth to express themselves on levels unheard of. Music in the city of Chicago has definitely grown and evolved especially when it pertains to Rap. Chicago newcomer Mick Jenkins has definitely shown the evolution of music during his recent time on the scene. Born in the South, (Huntsville, Alabama to be exact), Jenkins moved to the Midwest with his mom at the age of ten and he’s always had an ear for music and art. You can definitely hear his claim through his lyrics on how creative and highly-influenced he is. Though, the Drill movement is the current trend of Chicago artists like Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa provide an abstract and ever-flowing alternative that people can easily vibe with.

Already, Jenkins has two mixtapes out and plenty of features that you will be impressed with. With his innovative lyrics and Jazz influenced sounds, Jenkins definitely has a place in Hip-Hop. Based on his work released to date, he should help carry that smooth sound towards the future. Be sure to give his latest mixtape, The Water[s] a listen.

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