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Sound Searching: Marty Mard

Marty Mard

He’s next, and there’s not much you can do about it

As flashy as a refined pimp from the 1980s, this new Louisianan artist named Marty Mard flaunts a decadent gold watch, pinky ring and gold cane to share his accounts of being a young attractive man who attracts a variety of young women. If you’re wondering what these women might be doing in the company of this artist, you don’t have to look too far. All of your answers are within his lyrics:

I’m chilling with women and sipping champagne
I bought us some kush and a dash of cocaine
I’m wilder than KISS with a dash of Cobain
Now, wild out and give me a kiss and some brain

Seemingly, when you’re in his line of business—music—it is inevitable to attract these types of women and women, in general. Ask Fillmore Slim.

We really admire Marty Mard’s rap style and fashion style at HQ. Stay tuned for our interview with Marty Mard where he explains his ties with pimping, his importance to the music scene in New Orleans and what inspires him as an artist. If you like what you’ve seen and heard above, listen to “Green & Gold” below and follow the artist on Twitter.

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Written by Richardine Bartee

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