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Sound Searching: Francine Thirteen

Singer and lyricist Francine Thirteen’s music is the anatomy of symbolist theories to Mother Nature. Hailing from Dallas, Texas she combines ethereal melodies over warm and dark flows. Describing her sound as “Ritual Pop”, moments of emotion, awareness, and philosophy are present. When I first listened to “Lady Mary, The Highborn Fire”, I instantly thought of sonic vibes to Santigold and Lykke Li with elements of Nina Simone. Looking further into the energy produced, her name alone has symbolism. Francine = free/free one + Thirteen = focus / worth. Powerful, right?

Her debut EP “4 Marys and The King” out this Summer; provide tracks like “Queen Mary” embodying conflict and advisement. Records such as “13 Statements”, and “The Shifter” also create that sacred place of validity. Another inspiring woman who acknowledges her presence, the vibes sent through lyricism and tone are supreme. I’m excited to see the direction of her work, and hope to see this Queen rise to many levels of expression. Support “Four Marys and a King” and checkout “Lady Mary, The Highborn Fire”:

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Written by Manny King John

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