Sound Searching: Brooke Candy

Love her or hate her, she really doesn’t care

If you try to use one word to describe Ms. Candy that word would be. Let me think about it. Okay, I got it. The word that sums her up is Supercalifrgalisticespialidoshous. Brooke Candy is a vivacious 23-year-old that hails from the City of Angels with an "I-don’t-take-shit-attitude" and over-the-top "I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it" style. This young lady is filled with ammo and she’s ready to shoot whoever gets in her way. Most of you may have seen Brooke featured in the wildly popular video for Genesis by Grimes:

In the video, Brooke Candy and her funky style are front and center as she is captured [on video] bikini-clad wielding a sword along the beach and shaking her money-maker in the desert while rocking her signature platform sneakers. Brooke Candy is ready to show the rest of the world what she is made of and with her latest release Das Me she is doing just that. From freak dancing on top of a pink limo in the middle of a residential neighborhood, taking a leisurely stroll in her full get-up on what appears to be the prestigious Rodeo Drive to smoking weed and popping pills in a hotel room. Brooke’s style may not be for every taste. Most people won’t be able to get past her wild looks and drug use, but I see much more than that. I see woman empowerment, taking back the double standards and telling the world to fuck off! [She’s] Literally doing whatever she wants because — hey, at the end of the day — People are going have something negative to say. [You] might as well have fun, right?!

    Let those motherfuckers call you a slut, you know Brooke Candy gotchu.

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Written by Manny King John


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