Sound Searching: Andra Day

Photo: Warner Bros.
Andra Day
Photo: Warner Bros.

Covers of popular songs usually gives fans an opportunity to add a piece of themselves to songs, that are near and dear to their hearts. Though original songs are hard to recreate, it’s more like practice and an opportunity to show off their skills. This case fits R&B’s emerging songstress Andra Day perfectly. Representing San Diego, Andra Day always had a passion for music and you can hear it in her covers and original work. Her voice carries out plenty of soul from within and she definitely wants to share it with the world.

Listing plenty of influences including: Billie Holiday, Etta James and Lauryn Hill shows how soulful she is. After numerous amounts of covers on the web and an impressive performance of the National Anthem at a Clippers game, Day received a recording contract with Warner Bros. As of now, Day is currently working on her debut album. Until then, be sure to give her latest tune “Coolin’ in the Streets” a listen, it features Ziggy Marley. Hear the track below:



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