SosMula is locked n loaded in the visual for ‘Yakuza’: Watch

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

At this point, if City Morgue doesn’t make you run down on an opp, is it even on brand? The video immediately throws you into the mix without warning. As the song starts, a black pistol is exchanged between hands and a blunt is lit. SosMula navigates the track in his usual style, raw, unfiltered and unforgiving. The quick pace of the scenes matches the tracks’ explosive energy. Sos is looking out the window with a white puppy in his hand, which is a bit ironic considering the content of the video. The contrast is well-executed as it transitions to him rapping in between two bodacious video vixens while he totes a bottle of liquor. His squad also contributes to the atmosphere, as they dance aggressively and wave around a pistol. 

Would you take a bullet for me? Would you die for me? Would you take a bullet for me? Would you ride? I don’t think so, niggas lackin’ in the loyalty department.

While the song and visual are exciting and compliment each other well, I would not expect anything less from SosMula.


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