Sōsh hopes to increase fun, while you’re here


With a tagline like “Life’s too short to be bored,” Sōsh, pronounced like short for ‘socialite’, you have to have the keys to multiple cities or you’re on your way to earning them.

Sōsh app

Operating as a new mobile application, Sōsh is a new way to discover local activities.

You can check out what’s currently opened in your city, how to get active through dancing or group activities and fitness, where to grab a brew, restaurants fit for a foodie’s taste, guides to theatres and shows, items under $30 and array of fun via the quick links on your Explore dashboard. If you’re constantly on-the-go and into experiencing new activities around town or during vacation, this app is for you.

For a personalized feed on where to go and how to have fun, start via this link. Currently, Sōsh available for free download on the iPhone. Get it.

At this time, it is available for New York City and San Francisco markets. Soon, it will be available for Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle markets according to its website. If you have a local business, you can submit it to get listed. You can also submit activities that might not be popular or already posted via the Submit an Activity link located at the bottom of their website.

*If you’re interesting in being a Content Intern in the Bay Area, check out this link. If you get the job, let us know. Good luck!

Written by Manny King John

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