Steph Curry’s mom—Sonya Curry—planned to abort him but had a change of heart

Photo: ABC News

If you weren’t around for one of last week’s most shocking headlines, GRUNGECAKE is here to fill you in. During an interview to promote her memoir Fierce Love, Stephen Curry‘s mother, Sonya Curry, revealed she planned to abort her son. In reply to Luke Anorsworthy, she said the following words:

If I would’ve gone through that, there would’ve been no Wardell Stephen Curry the second. You know, God had a plan for that child, and, just the spirit interceding at that moment, in a way that I didn’t even know at the moment was happening… just spoke to again the purpose of faith…

The conversation came when the Supreme Court went from cementing abortion rights in Roe v Wade to changing it back to what it was. Check out the clip below to hear Mrs Sonya Curry speak on it herself.

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