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Song Premiere: William Redd Thedford IV’s “ThangThang”

William Redd Thedford IV's "Thang Thang" cover art

In compliment to a new moniker and assault program, William Redd Thedford IV (f.k.a. KAIL a.k.a. “Father”) has presented the thirsting public with a fresh sacrament aptly titled, THANGTHANG. This single postures itself as the end-all / be-all of “Slanguage Arts” brewed with amphetamine-level adrenaline. Ultra-magnetic production from Like of Pac Div and impossible word play all make “THANGTHANG” the THANGTHANG that changes how you label everything. Stay tuned as this track will be available for free download on Bandcamp on September 9.

For more William Redd Thedford IV, stay tuned.


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