Song Premiere: Telli (Ninjasonik) “Where The Hoes At?” Featuring TRPL BLK


Merry Christmas from Ninjasonik and Bruiser Brigade

As mentioned in this article, I shadowed TRPL BLK, a rockstar from Detroit, and “we ended our night perfectly… in an undsiclosed recording studio”. This is what he was working on with Producer Slimmy Neutron:

Though, TRPL BLK met both Telli (Ninjasonik) and Slimmy Neutron for the first time that night, the guys managed to gel well, converse about a concept for the song, instantly work on lyrics and record their vocals in less than two hours. The aura was organic and ideal.

Hard work makes history.

#HOEHOEHOE and a Merry Christmas to you all.

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