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Song Premiere: Histibe’s “Aqua Cypher XL”

That wet-wet.

From The Editor: Histibe, the Ukrainian-based D+B producer whose been featured on some of the web’s most prestigious music outlets, selected us to premiere his new track titled “Aqua Cypher XL” from his upcoming album MILLENNIUM DRUM N BASS set to release December 16.

If it isn’t completely obvious and potent, we are honored and very privileged and honored to be a part of Histibe’s journey, and luckily for Histibe, it doesn’t stop there. It gets better. For this very occasion, he teamed up with Art Director Joe Perez of Kanye West’s DONDA collective to produce the outstanding abstract artwork or packaging, you see above. Not only is the cover minimal in design, it captures the essence of Histibe’s recent production value and the personal message he chooses to share with his fans, this time around. Thank you.

When Mr. Alekseyenko puts his mind to something, you’re in for a wild ride. Known to the world as an eclectic producer slash DJ and Sound Designer creating some of the most diverse yet enjoyable melodies, Histibe is back again with some new tunes. Histibe takes us on a journey to his past on his latest work. Being submerged into the drum and bass culture at a very early age, He teaches us the many variables of the art of bass music.

If you have listened to Histibe’s last album “Take The Form,” he was able to pull you through a musical maze of highs and lows, loud and soft tinkering with everything from pitch to dissonance. We recently sat down with Histibe to catch us up on the new album and what he has been up to these days. December 16 seems so far away to wait on good music, right? Well, here is a little something to hold you over until then, Histibe and GrungeCake have teamed up to bring you an exclusive track release “Aqua Cypher XL.”

Feeling a little drummy or a lot bassy, get ready because here it is, the exclusive premiere of “Aqua Cypher XL”:

You’ve been very busy, releasing new music, getting lots of great press and now, you releasing a new album. Are you excited?

Absolutely, I am excited to release this compilation. It was challenging for me to release 2 albums in a year. The main idea, this time around, was to really show more of my life and emotions. It’s all about self-expression, really. Basically, My Mask’s diary continues to grow with new pages.

What should listeners expect to receive from this album?

I think this question, can best be answered within the statement of my album’s Digital Booklet:

    The new millennium has brought some new music to a new generation. This was around 2003. A new wave of Neurofunk & Techstep Drum & Bass. But everybody here called it Drum & Bass or simply DNB. I was 15. There were no good vinyl shops here in Kyiv. I think at that time there was no iTunes even. My friend was getting some CDs from some DJs who was getting them from the abroad. That’s how we share music at the time. Also, I was making rap records at that time and was close to the various music communities in the city, but this is the whole different story. Around 2005, I literally stuck in music production. Virtuoso bass, drums, and all the energy around this. It was the new MILLENNIUM DRUM N BASS for me. I have a lot of memories about that time. Now allow me to pre-open the mask and present you a part of my life story with the help of this tracks.

Would you say the sound of this album is a continuation of “Take The Form,” or is it in its own lane?

For me, “Take The Form” is still a very special album. It’s complex, and you probably couldn’t understand it during your first experience or listen. I believe the songwriting is very rare, and might go over the head of an average person. Symbolism and abstractionism are not for everyone. With this album, MILLENNIUM DRUM N BASS, I want to show tracks with a more dynamic sound. There are stories behind tracks like “Pulsar” and “World Without Clocks.” MILLENNIUM DRUM N BASS is like a small book with heavy, colourful pages that can go into its own lane and be a part of series, at the same time.

In typical Histibe fashion, your album artwork is always a treat! Can you give us a sneak peek or a little info on the artwork for your album?

My cover art, the three singles and digital booklet were all done by Joe Perez. It was a dream for me to work with such an amazing artist. I was a fan of his work since Kanye West’s “Cruel Summer,” but I never had the opportunity to share my music with him. Finally, in 2013 I had the chance. It was a pleasure working with Joe. A lot of enthusiasm, dynamics and ideas. His approach and the result is at a very high level. The works of Joe are like a digital display of my music. This is exactly what I needed for my tracks.

What are your favorite tracks from this album?

Going back in time, “Tears Of A Machine” was released on the legendary Nerve Recordings, “Forgotten Station” was liked by Martijn from Noisia. “So Far,” led me to JAY Z’s Life+Times… So, I want to leave this choice for listeners, for me personally, each track has a meaning.

Well said. What’s next?

I have plans to release new music and videos in 2014, amongst other surprises. The New Mask Movement EP is coming soon, and also, to be launched is a remix contest for the track “So Far” in collaboration with Loopmasters and It includes prizes and support for new producers. Stay tuned for the future projects on

It was nice catching up with you, Histibe.

It was a pleasure chatting with you as well. Best wishes from Ukraine!

To view the track listing and preorder, just click here and for more coverage on Histibe, click this link.

Written by Manny King John


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