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Song Premiere: Clemits’ “I Love Green”

Clemits is the first artist to be featured in our new Aspiring Artists section.


Loving the green is a common thread most people share. Green currency —if you live in Northern America— is a necessity. Eating green vegetables is good for you, and according to popular belief, smoking green leaves and drinking green tea can be medicinal (and good for the soul too.) Clemits, an aspiring artist from the home of SXSW, shares a new record that explores green and other colours like black and mentions the occult often. Laying his Bobby Digital-esque vocals over a hook with a repetitive cut of a sample made by Charlie G (Apathy, Pace Won and C-Ray Walz), the green tea sipper warns opponents to “obey their thirsts,” and states that he’s a “boss like Tony Soprano.”

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