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Song Premiere: Camikaze’s “The Wasted One”

Camikaze shares a deep new tune with GrungeCake.

Photos: AirWolf Paradise

Have you ever been in a relationship, and in love, but you knew you had to go because you weren’t appreciated? When you were together, you loved everything about them. Somehow, your mother finds good qualities in others, but when it comes to your partner, goodness doesn’t exist. The only good thing she ever says about them is she likes their shoes with a forced smile. As a result, you sat up, late at night, writing a pros and cons list. You try to figure out what it is you see in them because you were thinking of tattooing their name across your forehead in the morning. The ‘I don’t care what any of you say, I love her’ attitude.

In Camikaze’s latest release “The Wasted One” featuring Mack Moses, they speak about this same feeling of being unappreciated and having to go. The feeling of wanting love from one person and never getting it; Being trapped.

“Won’t let me go, won’t let me stay / Look at all of the pieces of my mind that you play.”

The vocals are coupling poppy synths. I can tell the song came to fruition with radio in mind. I like my R&B like I like my heart. Dark and full of emotions. You know, the old Weeknd type stuff when he only had one-dreadlock-and-sang-from-the-bottom-of-his-drug-ridden, depressed-heart music. Actually, it sounds like The Weeknd who-wrote-a-letter-to-his-fans-saying-he-was-going-to-sellout-but-still-love-him-for-him-because-he-just-wants-to-eat music.


I can hear this song playing on the radio, in certain markets. It’s worth checking out. You can listen to the song below.


Written by Manny King John

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