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Song of the Day: “You Can’t Get AIDS If You Never Get Tested” by Pedico

Name: Pedico
Representing: New York City, New York
Genre: Punk, Surf, Rock
For fans of: Ramones
Single from: The Days Are Just Packed
Produced by: Chris, Craig and Jacky (Pedico)
Song of the Day: July 25, 2014
Label(s): Unsigned

Think: Ramones 2014 when you think of Pedico, a rebellious Punk band trio (brothers: same father, different mothers) from New York City. Known for breaking the rules, fervent rhythms, and off the walls lyrics, it’s no wonder one of their songs, ‘You Can’t Get Aids If You Never Get Tested, is slightly offensive. The concept of the song is morally offensive but that’s what a Punk band is about, breaking the rules.

The song ‘You Can’t Get Aids If You Never Get Tested’, personally reminds me of the Ramones. It’s one of those catchy crowd-surfing songs that makes you want to jump of stage and literally give 0 fucks.

Listen to the track below:

For more Pedico, just click here.

Editor’s Note: Today’s Song of the Day might be offensive but it was totally recorded with knife-sharp sarcasm in mind. Get tested.

Written by Manny King John

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