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Song of the Day: “Unreciprocated Feelings” by SH?M

Name: SH?M
Representing: Hackney, East London
Genre: Future-Grime
For fans of: Teebs, Kaytranada, THUGLI
Song from: Symphonies of Love and Destruction
Produced by: SH?M
Song of the Day: June 18, 2015
Label(s): Show Them Agency


If you’re a fan of instrumentals or the magical moments in which music is made, you’ll have a sincere appreciation for what SH?M and his collaborator DIVERSA was able to create. Aside from his profound talent and his alluring sound, I deem his choice of title can resonate with any human being whose ever been in love or lust. Whether you’re the violator or the one whose been violated due to unreciprocated feeling, you can understand and identify with the highs and lows, synonymous to the heartbeat of the music. SH?M captures the sentimentalism of his packaged moment, in a skilled way.

When I’m in love, in intervals, I feel like my heart is going to bust out of my chest. On the contrary, when I’m the one whose “playing hard to get,” I’m flat, much like plunging baseline that comes in after three minutes and fifty seconds. Never to return to its peak.

Listen to the track via this link or the player below:


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