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Song of the Day: “Born Broke” by G4SHI

Image: Albaniac

Name: G4SHI
Representing: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Hip-Hop
For fans of: Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne
Single from: N/A
Produced by: Success Music
Song of the Day: January 21, 2014
Label(s): Unsigned

You can’t choose which family you’re born into, but if you’re as driven and healthy as G4SHI, you can and will change your ending. But it’s no easy task.

G4SHI puts his soul and heart on every verse, and this is no bluff. Unlike most new unsigned artists that we’ve come across in recent times, G4SHI shares stories about his personal life, family and friends in his music. Some might say, he’s emotional or it’s none of our business [as fans to know as much as we do about the entertainers we find interest in], but the best entertainers and musicians make it easy for us. Without a doubt, he’s easy to relate to and to love.

Within the lines and production of “Born Broke” created by Success Music which sounds like it borrows from Geto Boys’ “My Minds Playing Tricks On Me”, you’ll learn that G4SHI is an honest and determined young man, whose promised to succeed how he may. He even goes as far to say that, cooking [like Walter White or some other glorified good-guy-turned-drug-dealer] would have been an easy option, if his verses weren’t so tight.

Though, I enjoy his last verse which shares his reaction to being on Hot97 for the first time and being mentioned by the legendary Hip-Hop icon Busta Rhymes on MTV’s Rap Fix, here are some other lines that stuck out most:

    Cause I aint never have shit
    Last year, bagging bitches in my dad’s whip
    I shed a tear when I see him get his ass kicked
    By his boss
    Cause he was late, stuck in that traffic
    This world is plastic
    Love will get you sad quick
    Friends will get you mad quick
    Alone making this classic
    Mama, dont pick up the phone cause
    Family talking mad shit
    Wishing me luck but hoping shit dont work out
    Like a fat bitch

    With no budget, I’ma do it big
    I don’t sleep
    I take long blinks.

Listen to the track below:

For more G4SHI, just click here.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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