SOLIS explores feelings of intense passion for a stranger on ‘Body Signal’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Nigerian Indie Soul artist SOLIS returns with a brand new single ‘Body Signal’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Body Signal by SOLIS is a transient pop blend where the singer explores feelings of intense passion, love and lust for a stranger she meets on the dancefloor. She beckons to them to feel the vibrations of the music, of her body, calling out to them to let go of every logical thought and give into the feeling completely for an unforgettable night. This song aims to make the listeners tap into this relentless energy of submission to one’s own feelings, to let go of all inhibitions and worries and to simply feel the vibrations of the music and have a good time. This song is SOLIS stepping into her light and power as an artist and letting go of the anxieties that seek to pull her down. This song signifies release.

Listen to ‘Body Signal’ below.

Written by Manny King John

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